Pam’s “The school year is starting and I don’t need all this stuff” giveaway!!!

What you’ll get:
- Ghost Town shirt
- The Story So Far shirt
- Panic! At the Disco shirt
- Asking Alexandria shirt
- Fall Out Boy SR&R preorder shirt
- Fall Out Boy anchor shirt
- Neck Deep shirt
- Ramones shirt
- (not pictured) Mariana’s Trench shirt
- Pierce the Veil King For a Day shirt
- Pierce the Veil tank
- A copy of the Fall Out Boy AP magazine
- A copy of Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahnuik
- One CD of your choosing (nothing rare that’ll be expensive please)
- A variety of candy of your choosing
- A mix CD based on your interests
- If this gets 1k notes I’ll throw in a copy of Save Rock and Roll signed by Patrick Stump

- Mbf me
- Reblogs and likes count (no giveaway blogs)
- I can only ship in the US I’m sorry :///
- Have your ask box open
- Winner will be chosen at random on October 1, 2014

All the shirts are a size medium, they’ve all been worn once or twice but they’re in good shape and are clean. Message me if you have any other questions :)

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